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Below are images of our most recently published titles. 
The 49 Purposes of the Christian Church
By Bishop Earnest L. Palmer
Don't Laugh! 
We're in Church!
By: Bishop Earnest L. Palmer
Greater Moments
Devotional By:
Changing Forward
by: Bishop Paul S. Morton
Whose Will?
By Willie Harris
Once...He was Blind
By Bo Clements
Living Above SEE Level
(Revised Version)
By  Larry D. Trotter
How I Became a Crimson Fan
by Joseph M. Dew
The Heart of the Healer
By Betty w. Lawson, M. Ed
The Lost Art of Order
By Loletha D. Jefferson
The Linesman
By: Sherry Hill
Am I Predestined or Just Another Pawn in the Game?
By: Dr. Stacey L. Beason
Between Birth and Destiny
 Michael J. Symonette, Sr. M.Ed.
Unwrapped-Discovering God's Gift to the Body of Christ
by: Justin T. Cohen
The Pricey Cost of the Anointing
By Shirley A. Prater
The Divine Process 
By Luther B. Washington, Jr.
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