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About Dunamis Publishing Associates, Inc.
   Dunamis was founded in the early 90's by Bishop Earnest L. Palmer in order to provide people with 
an accessible way to publish their books What sets us apart from similar businesses, is the fact that we care
about what our clients want to say, and we put in a great deal of effort to publish great work, which may take 
time, but in the end, is worth it. 

Earnest Palmer, CEO
   Bishop Earnest L. Palmer was born in Birmingham, Al and graduated from Stillman College (Tuscaloosa) with academic concentrations in English, Political Science, and Religion. He earned a Masters Degree from Livingston University and Educational Specialist Degree with doctorial studies in Educational Leadership from the University of Alabama. 

   He has authored several books including: Child of God Be Still, Manual for Spiritual Warfare, Race and the Holy Spirit, and Forty-Nine Purposes of the Christian Church. He has also contributed and/or coauthored several manuscripts which include: The Twenty-First Century Church (Bishop Howard Robinson), Shattering the Stained Glass Ceiling (Bishop Andy Lewter), and The Apostolic Reformation (Bishop Sherman Young).

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